Meet the Thrashmasters!


Everyones life is made up of a series of events, happenings and adventures that tell our story. Monster Outdoors is a collection of the stories of Marty and Mia Davis; husband and wife, business partners, and competitive archers who thrive on the bond of being outdoors and having fun with each other, their family and friends. Their reputation for shooting MONSTER fish has earned them appearances on several outdoor shows and the respect of the bowfishing world, but the THRASH doesn't end on the water. Marty & Mia hunt all over the world, mainly on properties they manage for MONSTER animals. From their hometown farm in East Texas to Kansas and beyond, this colorful and competitive duo are always looking for an opportunity to do some THRASHIN!

Marty and Mia live a very active and busy lifestyle.  When they aren't chasing monster gator gar or filling tags in the fall, they are managing one of their businesses or planning the next outdoor adventure.  Sometimes those adventures take them down to the river for a boat ride with the kids or as far as a different continent to test their archery skills on anything they can manage to get a tag for.

Both Marty and Mia grew up in rural east Texas where, like many, the outdoors was all they knew.  Time was spent working, learning and being close to their families.  These traditions are still alive and well today and are being passed along to their two daughters Molly and Madie.  They still live in that rural east Texas community where everybody knows everybody and the simple things in life are still a priority.

A few years back, the Davis' decided they wanted to start filming their 24/7/365 hunting lifestyle and Monster Bowfishing was born about the same time. They became a fixture in the growing bowfishing sport and had the opportunity to fish and hunt with some well known hunting personalities over the years.  With encouragement from their friends and those in the hunting industry, they began to pursue the dream of being able to share their lifestyle with others with similar interests through television.  In 2014 they began to work with Studio D Media to make that dream a reality. The next chapter in the Thrashmasters story has begun with Monster Outdoors.  Their lifestyle hasn't changed, it's just being documented.